The Advantages of a Large Team – Arcadia as a Safe Haven

If we were to summarize our 16 years of existence and work in a single thought, it would undoubtedly be that we all share and live the same vision. The Arcadia vision. This we know for certain, deeply feel, and assert with responsibility.

The idea of a small creative agency for event organization was just the seed of that vision. Step by step, not with seven-league strides, but first small, tiny, minuscule ones. Then gradually, with bolder and larger steps. Days passed, months followed, years came. And went. Successes and smiles alternated with falls and risings. From one story to another, we grew, learned, and met people, landscapes, restaurants, caterers, musicians, florists, technicians, and craftsmen of all kinds, sorts, and profiles. We created an entire universe by travelling towards the horizon, there, somewhere, right behind the rainbow.

From a small family workshop, we have now become a company made up of a family that has been forming over all these years. This is the Arcadia family 😉, which currently has 40 members. For now.

During this time, our precious decoration team has matured, consisting of designers, architects, arrangers, graphic designers, and installers. A team of decoration enthusiasts and lovers of aesthetics, capable of meeting all the challenges and demands of clients, and like all creative eccentrics, always best inspired when given the task ‘this has never been done before’. Those who get ‘fired up’ about fun, logistics, numbers, predictions, and precision – that’s our organization team. This formidable octet is a multitasking team with a multidisciplinary approach to the task of ‘how to package everything at the end’. Each team member is an expert and responsible for implementing one segment of the plans and desires, as well as resolving all situations that must be anticipated. Together, they form a piece of machinery for anything and everything our client puts into our task. So, a multi-practical team. And a Mercedes class at that.

Each new client and event was a new story in which we measured our strengths. Against ourselves. We pushed ourselves beyond the limit, experimented, challenged ourselves, and tested where the boundary lies. Of creativity, endurance, skill, cooperation, understanding, sleeplessness, tears, sweat, and laughter. Where is the breaking point after which we no longer feel passion for what we do? Where is the edge from which we will fall? Where are the last doors that we will close behind us and say that we can’t and don’t want to anymore? In the search for our limits, on the yellow brick road, new faces and hearts of people who became full-fledged members of the Arcadia family over the years joined us. Some recognized that mad energy in us and were attracted to it, while others we found in our search for kindred spirits and invited them to join us on the road to Oz.

For all this, above all, a great experience is necessary, a multitude of events in fingers and feet, knowledge of various skills. And the passion to follow the vision. Only in this way does this family endure and become stronger. In the love of one towards another and all together towards the work we do. And so from story to story, from event to event.

The last one, which once again confirmed how much family is the foundation of everything, happened this summer when we were tasked to execute a very demanding event at the White Palace in just 11 days, complete with complex decoration, specific desires, and special protocol. And, of course, the basic requirement is that the event be organized under the open sky. With half of the Arcadia team on summer vacation, the task seemed like a ‘road to nowhere’. Or to put it in Serbian, to pay what we owe and then leave. To anyone else, 11 days would seem like an inappropriate joke or ‘hidden camera’.

In our case, it works a little differently. The whole team, both those in the office and those on Greek, Montenegrin, and other beaches, begin to synchronize activities in a 24/7 model. And the Arcadia carousel spun into action. Never more online in such a short time because the whole team solves every piece of the mosaic. Protocol, seating arrangement, decoration, lighting, suppliers, dealing with the high summer temperature at the location, connecting and coordinating, and supervising each phase, everything goes in parallel on the field and the project plan without letting up or relaxing. Until the end of the event and the morning that dawned, with congratulations from a satisfied client who enjoyed his event as a guest.

And once again, we experienced what we have long known – that the Arcadia family is a haven where we live our vision that creates precious memories for others.

And so, we continue our journey…

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