Birthday decorations

Birthdays are quite specific celebrations and so birthday decorations require a rich offer with a distinctly individual approach, including absolutely all ages – from birthdays for children, 18th birthdays, to birthdays for adults. Arkadia has created a program whose quality stands out and makes us a leader in this field. Our happy clients motivate us to further improve and keep up with trends daily, aligning them with your wishes.


Kids Birthday Decorations

The decoration of birthdays for children is becoming increasingly imaginative, and the little ones enjoy the details and enthusiastically embrace the creative space they share with their friends.

To create a festive and magical atmosphere for the celebration of a child’s first birthday, we pay special attention to exploring the surroundings, introducing new words, and sharing the excitement of every step. Each subsequent celebration implies a new fairy tale and joy. The play area that we decorate radiates enchantment, featuring attractive figurines, motifs from favorite cartoons, animated elements like ribbons, glitter, and confetti, along with beloved details such as personalized chocolates, water, and juices, all presented with unforgettable, original designs for snack boxes and doughnut stands.

And, above all unexpected moments that come with each child’s growth, the power of parental love stands tall!

18th Birthday Decorations

In accordance with the requirements and decorative elements, 18th birthdays have approached the grandeur of celebrations similar to weddings. Coming of age marks the initial stage of maturity, and consequently, a completely new focus in line with decorative details and desires that come with newfound energy.

Whether your choice is a themed celebration or a simpler combination of decorative elements, the importance of colors and style as symbols of character should not be forgotten. Badges, messages on bracelets, a photo booth… Everything can be personalized to the smallest details, providing uniqueness to the moments we share with our loved ones.

Arkadia is here to harmonize the entire design with your ideas and chosen space, creating an original world where your coming of age, accompanied by the good mood of the guests, will be magnificent and forever remembered!

Adult Birthday Decorations

And as we become a little bigger with each birthday celebration, the details associated with children’s birthdays or coming-of-age parties can now create the perfect combination. All the new motifs are welcome as a “spice” that reminds us that we are richer for new experiences.

Our task is to adapt to you and follow your dreams! Stylists, graphic designers, arrangers, and other professional members of our team, using innovative equipment, will conceptualize every detail for an original experience and maximum enjoyment. The euphoria of surprises, greetings, and gifts definitely doesn’t count the years!

Are you planning a birthday celebration? Call us for ideas and a rich offer!

Whether it’s about organization or decoration, the quality assurance of implementation by our team has been confirmed by many satisfied clients. Let’s create your unforgettable moments together!


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