Wedding decoration

Already 17 years of tradition

Welcome to a world where your dreams of a perfect wedding come true. We understand the importance of your big day and are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that reflects your personality and style.

Our team of wedding decoration experts tailors every detail to your wishes, ensuring that every moment of your wedding is unforgettable.

Unique Concept

With the ideal combination of your wishes and the expertise, skills, and experience of our wedding decoration team, we have created an attractive and adaptable system of work and conceptualization for each wedding decoration project.

It’s your turn to boldly express even those dreams you have only timidly imagined, and we are here to guide you on the path to realizing those wishes.

Feel free to share with us photos and examples of various decoration styles you have ever come across and thought would be your choice. Don’t be afraid to find out what we are capable of creating and how it can fit into your budget – give us a challenge, and we revel in it!

We will adapt the style to the space and your energy

Every love story is unique, and so is the decoration of your wedding. From classic elegance, through rustic and retro styles, elegant and extravagant colour combinations, red, dark blue, gold, pure white and mystical black, to modern elegance, soft glam style, thematic decorations and nature-inspired.

The concept of wedding decoration we advocate involves conceiving and elaborating the idea down to the smallest details. Only in this way can we personalize and adapt the decor to you and the space you have chosen and achieve the full effect.

A complete scenography includes decorating the bridal table, carefully selected background for photography with guests, details on the tables and chairs for guests, reception chairs, a photo corner, entrance decoration, and much more. We also don’t forget the importance of the bridal bouquet, gifts for guests, decorations for the wedding party, and even decorating the bridal car.

The exciting process of getting to know clients, their desires and ideas, combining elements and creating the best solution within the available budget makes this job one of the most creative and beautiful.

Our gallery of previous projects testifies to our ability to transform any space into a magical place.

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Wedding decoration – Restaurant Pauza, Belgrade

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Wedding decoration – Winery Zvonko Bogdan, Palić

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Wedding decoration – Restaurant “Klub književnika”, Belgrade

What elements makes wedding decorations?

Decoration of the bridal table

The bridal table, along with the dance floor, is the central point of every space where a wedding celebration is held – that’s why we pay special attention to the decoration of the bridal table, transforming it into a true work of art.

We combine floral arrangements made of fresh and silk flowers with various decorative elements and focus on the overall impression that reflects the energy of each couple.

Whether you prefer a minimalist style of decoration lavish floral arrangements or even complex structural constructions, we will create a composition and atmosphere that will complement both the space and your wedding story, leaving a lasting impression on all present.

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Wedding ceremony and background for taking pictures with guests

Decoration of the background of the bridal table, in front of which the wedding ceremony and photography with guests can be held, has a significant impact on the overall experience of the entire space and its decor.

The background decoration for taking pictures does not necessarily have to be the background of the bridal table but can represent a special corner in the space where, in addition to the wedding ceremony and the official part of the photography, you can capture a multitude of creative memories throughout the day. These backgrounds not only add aesthetic value to your photos but also create a harmonious visual context that fits into the overall decor of the space.

Creating a personalized background, whether it’s a charming floral installation, a simple archway on two or four pillars, golden circular elements, various inspirational constructions and installations, or personalized printed banners, adds a unique touch to the ceremony and allows guests to capture memories in an environment that reflects the style and theme of your wedding.

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Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements are an essential element of every wedding decoration, and our team of florists plays a key role in creating enchanting scenography. With rich experience and extraordinary creativity, our florists design various styles and forms of floral arrangements that enrich both the bridal table and backgrounds, as well as the tables for guests for a complete impression.

You have the option to choose between fresh and silk flowers, with advice from our decorators regarding the details of each type.

Using both fresh and silk flowers, we create a breathtaking atmosphere that leaves an indelible impression on every guest, contributing to the overall visual identity of your wedding.

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Decoration of guest tables

In decorating guest tables, we also have a wide field for expressing creativity – firstly, apart from floral arrangements, special arrangements combining feathers, decorative branches, and other interesting elements can be placed on guest tables, all complemented by LED lights that contribute to the overall look.

The table decoration is completed with various candle holders, original bows for chairs, specially designed tablecloths, flower pots and stands, mirrors, and personalized printed materials. Luxurious napkins and personalized gifts for guests at each place further enrich the experience and provide a sense of care and sophistication.

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Everything for a complete impression

The ARKADIA wedding decoration team is the largest permanent, organized group in our region, consisting of scenographers, decorators, architects, graphic designers, florists, logisticians, and installers who have completed over 3500 successful decoration projects.

You can expect a wide selection of personalized printed materials,

Wedding invitations, guest name cards, table numbers, guest seating arrangement boards or welcome boards, and much more can contribute to the original look of your decoration, as well as facilitate the organization of the wedding.

There are also bridal bouquets, corsages, decorations, balloon installations, dry ice equipment, lighting, and many more details.

For a complete impression, we always recommend what best fits the idea, wish, expectations, and budget of the client, based on our
long-standing experience.

Check out the gallery of our projects

Find inspiration for your day

There’s no doubt, that decoration plays an important role in creating the impression of every guest at a wedding. For this reason, dedication to this part of wedding organization is of great significance, and we can freely say that decoration is the ‘business card of the wedding’.

Our brides and grooms have confirmed the importance of long-standing experiences like that of Arkadia, with a guarantee that the approach and offer will be fully aligned with the ideas of each client.

We believe that openness in communication creates successful collaboration. That’s why we are present in the widest segment of support that includes absolutely everything – from the richness of different styles to logistical possibilities.

In a time when symbolism is very important and even the smallest detail sends important messages, there arose a need for a professional approach to wedding decoration.

A day without a replay demands a high level of responsibility – that’s what we guarantee to every client!

Do you want to create an unforgettable impression together?

Feel free to present your ideas to us.

Do you want to create an unforgettable impression together?

Feel free to present your ideas to us.