Planning of corporate events

Celebrating a company anniversary is of great importance for every business. Any conference you envision requires hosting partners to the highest standards. Important clients and partners are groups deserving attention and expressions of gratitude for years of trust. Additionally, colleagues will enthusiastically embrace the idea of a good party at the end of a successful business year.

We have handled various events, including celebrations, conferences, team buildings, fashion shows, competitions, live streaming, hosting arrangements, red carpets, and more. By engaging our professional team, you save time and money. We bring your ideas to life, planning the budget to ensure you get the maximum value.

From our previous collaborations, we highlight the organization of the Strauss Coffee conference, hosting over 100 participants in five different events in one day. Workshops with presentations, Barista shows, lunch, Cupping competition, guest animation, dinner with live music, and more.

Iskustvo našeg klijenta prenosimo u celosti:

Dear Gabi, Dear Kaca,
Once more, thank you so much for making Strauss Coffee event a great
success !
Your excellent professionalism and in particular your personal
attitude is unique. All expressed their appreciation for the
organization, food and whole day atmosphere.
It was a great pleasure working with you and hope we will work
together again on other project in future.
Thank you and warm greetings….

Organization of Corporate Celebration - IKEA 2022

Corporate events and how we define them?

When corporate celebrations are mentioned, they are often associated with marking business successes.

There are also corporate New Year’s celebrations, company anniversaries, receptions for foreign partners, award ceremonies, and more. In the desire to achieve the best for your company, employees, collaborators, and clients, we will create a detailed protocol, design original gifts, and present you in the best light.

Our creative team consists of six individuals exclusively dedicated to event organization, seven individuals specializing in decor design, three designers, and many more technicians and florists. Over 45 people are at your disposal to ensure a maximum impact.

By engaging our services, you gain the best support for showcasing your company, with a guarantee of efficiency and responsibility, where quality is never compromised. This is the ideal opportunity to stand out from the competition!

Theme planning

No execution can be truly successful unless you understand every detail of its concept. With the aim of being innovative, we will propose something you haven’t offered to your guests, employees, or clients before, and we will create an event to be remembered.


Venue and equipment

In accordance with the agreed-upon concept, we find a venue that aligns with the ideas, planned number of guests, structure, and budget. These venues can include hotels, restaurants, event centers, open-door concepts, villas, houses with pools, traditional farms, specialized conference and exhibition spaces, or outdoor locations.


The overall impression significantly depends on the engaged staff, as they have the most interaction with the guests. Professionals from our team, along with a planned dress code and proficiency in foreign languages, will fully meet the high standards you have built over the years.

Printed material

Every idea serves as a foundation for an original creation made by our design team on any type of printed material.


We exclusively collaborate with established catering companies capable of meeting even the most intricate demands, showcasing kitchens from around the world, representing our country in the best possible manner, and aligning with the desired style.

A novelty in our offering is that we have representation from a Michelin-starred chef who can create a unique dish and present your guests with a completely new culinary concept.

Taking care of guests

“Guest first” is not a sentence we use only as a phrase we’ve heard so many times. We finish the job only after each guest leaves the event satisfied, full of impressions and positive energy.

Event decoration

Our extensive experience in decorating a variety of private and corporate celebrations, a comprehensive range of decorative elements and equipment, as well as a team of experienced professionals in the field of decoration, guarantee that we can bring any idea to life.

Decoration can be specially designed for a themed event (New Year’s, company day, celebration for employees’ children), in line with the company’s visual identity (company anniversary, seminars, congresses, conferences), or something entirely specific for a new product line you are launching, entering a new market, or another occasion you want to commemorate.

Do you also take part in the planning of the celebration?

Once we agree on the concept and desired details, you can leave every subsequent step to us. Clients who are relieved of the burden have proven to be better hosts.

Our business policy is to devise projects that nurture the identity of our clients while simultaneously fitting into the market’s needs. In every planning segment, we present a program and ideas, after which we collaboratively explore the best options.

What does Arkadia's corporate event planning include?


  • Finding the right venue for the project in question
  • Designing a complete event protocol, from idea to realization
  • Arrangements with the venue for all necessary services and the hiring of external associates for all segments that the venue does not offer
  • Premium catering within the budget
  • Qualified and professional staff, hostesses, servers, drivers…
  • Organizacija pozivnica, mejling lista i formiranje konačne liste gostiju
  • Seating arrangements, standing arrangements, table layouts
  • Venue decoration in accordance with the company’s norms
  • Personalized gifts for guests, clients, employees, associates…
  • Hiring entertainers or presenters
  • Pronalaženje odgovarajuće muzike i organizacija kompletnog zabavnog programa 
  • Choosing the best photographers and cameramen
  • Specijalne efekte, pirotehniku, rasvetu i ostale segmente
  • Realizaciju događaja, koordinaciju svih dobavljača, praćenje budžeta…
  • Objedinjenu naplatu troškova svih vendora i učesnika 

Special benefits for corporate events

Special benefits are reserved for our regular clients and users of our services.

Moreover, if you engage us for the organization of an entire event for the first time, we will create special conditions for you regarding decoration, gifts, and graphic design services.

Gifts for clients or employees and corporate graphic design

The part we are proud of is a wide range of gifts we have made with quality and unique graphic design. 

Gifts can be adapted for large events, for mass distribution, or they can be more valuable, intended for special occasions.
Some of the ideas that can be interesting:

● Various edible products in exclusive packaging
● Gift baskets – selection of confectionery products, wines, cheeses…
● Gift baskets with a selection of your products with marketing or corporate material
● Vina sa personalizovanim etiketama (od 0,2 l do 0,7 l)
● Flower baskets
● Bouquets
● Bookmarkers
● Mugs
● Wrapping services for the gifts you bring
● Other “custom made” gifts according to your wishes

Our references

Among our clients are:

Our references

Among our clients are:

Do you want to create an unforgettable business event together?

Feel free to present your ideas to us.

Do you want to create an unforgettable impression together?

Feel free to present your ideas to us.